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what to do: play theme hospital, work belly, bath, watch football on tv, read, eat, sleep, wake, breakfast at some place, take the bus, work work work. anty anty work. immediately. confusion spots pop on my face. "people" I cry. push the button. look like brainless cans of tomato soup. recipe says, "nothing is related to happiness." not enough fortune left to cook a whole fortune cookie, but i know how to delete cookies. have a seat my child! or go to your room. can't decide and, but, no tv this time.


ice cream

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winter hits sweet. this morning. rain is strong. smoking outside is an amazing problem. could you turn on the lights? the day will come. we will miss icecream and electricity. this is a 4 season county with one star. enjoy coldest coca-cola. beware of mud. note to fridge: buy a new umbrella, rent recent dvd. what's hell? bus and stops. gosh!


offical hi.

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today somebody told me that magenta is not "OK" for a serious visual identity. "liar!" the girl shouted. nixon lost just because of his "brown" suit, people say. what I learned today: "different people say different things." money makes you older, then you die. they put you inside a black rubber bag, burry with white sheets; under an extra bold boring brown texture anyway. first rule of the club: "think pink. but do -never- stick to it." plus; magenta is not pink. she sings the blues on a silver box of cigarettes. heavy grey ashes. london bridge suicide.