princess superstar

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living indigo performance. long time no indigo go go. last weekend, while my nose was bugging me still. groovy outfit, sexy show, another dude experience. the video art was scary time to time but enjoyed the colors. hip and hop paralyzed with electricity. excellent weight parallel to height and volume. flash gordon kicks. cool glasses. amazing intro. another random blonde with magic lyrics. her name is superstar.

long live princess,


old boy

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I have a new pet now. he's called "cough". I cough and he coughs, I cough and he coughs. double cough, double fun. I found him on a rainy day and couldn't resist keeping him. we are best pals now. cough cough cough, play dead. good boy! here, have a cigarette.

at last;
you should be sick of my sickness posts.


nurse me

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spend more time with vitamins. wear more to go out. respect leather boots. be aware of october fests. I need cardigans, cardigans with huge buttons, cardigans which will match my muppet t-shirts and cardigans to forget on the bus. where do they go anyway?

I like cold, rain and snow but believe me if I could, I would punch the north wind on the face! when I grow so much up and become a mad mad scientist, I promise on my recent cardigans that I'm going to build a giant wind shield around this north hemisphere country.

in conclusion;
hat holding is depressing.



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sweet 'o soft. dirty dirty candy. harsh harsh daydreaming. this is a childsong. tiny pinky moe. 90's youth. spending hours, hours and too much hours in front of the thing. too lazy to cook a decent meal but, ready to burn the house.

she stoped by and he tasted some sweet. she closed her eyes so he played incredible video games. she screamed so loud but his ears were full of marshmellow. she feels bad now, she is depressed or even sick. she doesn't care about the pink visitor. she just likes to feed the dinosaur. everybody thinks she is a liar liar but she will never invite her dinosaur indoors...

lyrics about:
"open the door, get on the floor;
everybody wants a dinosaur. "


panda trick

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focus the climate change. that shall give you the power to deal with bad bad thoughts. so you won't drive yourself mad. perfection is epidemic. but not like cold. if it catches you, it takes the form of your hips. I'm sure that few more weight is good to act warm at winter time. but don't forget that, fighting with stress is like riding a beach ball. a little more weight is pretty high risk. lack of sun, this time of the year; may be dangerous.

oh god!
somebody stop me please.
no more eating late.


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it's getting harder to fall asleep. apple, the icon of intelegence, the bite of the first sinner and a cool mac logo. you wear contact lenses, feel depressed often and blog all day long?? here, have a cigar! be my guest.

we call the species; women. even i am not sure about the material and after couple of years, i realized my index page is totally torn! I will not complain about being one actually, this post is not something like " woman from venus". i just want to describe my pain tonight, with all it's sharp edges.

it's from left to right and up to bottom. inside probably but felt from outside. soft and hard. liquid and solid. sometimes gas too. symptoms: greasy hair, bubble body, weak muscles, disabled tounge, lack of sleep. good thing about it: you scare everyone. bad thing is: you scare yourself, too.

no, not luv sick.
just on duty.
blue, blue, bluest lips.

thank you.


the breakfast club

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great movie, with great stars. the children are not their parents. there is nothing such as a bad child. there are nerds anyway. prome queens still into harsh boys, who are pink inside. chicks won't hold the smoke inside. what was your best breakfast, think about it. mine is egg flavour bread.

teacher leave the kids alone, god damn it! brush your teeth. all bustards believe in one guy one girl thing. they are in. they are punished. they will do what they have to do. to be or not to be. to do or not to do. do be do be do. i still miss high school. you don't realise how great it's to be a teen when you are still a teen. bad hair days and football games. to suck in sports or in maths. einstein's grades were not that bright either. what will you be in the future? will you be in the future? going to be fat or going to be a bone head? where did the black boards go anyway. i hate white marker boards. they cause cancer.

trapped in school. it sounds scary but chemistry lab without teacher could be fun. i miss my desk. i miss my broken locker door. i miss my classmates. but i will survive. through this cruel world with duties.

i will survive like in the song.
actually that song is really gay.
man, P.E. was totally gay.


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It's amazing to sleep sometimes. I'm thinking of puting my cotton wings in couple of minutes, after my coffee exam. I think coffee exams are what make my mornings worth to live. a little dust and a little snow, add some kinda water and guess the taste. I'm definitely, everytime new taste type. if something like that exist! sometimes I realise it's so sweet but i have to have it, I have to except my grade. world is tough, I know. one short smoke could help now.

when I was a little fella, I had a swinging donkey. with all the fur and ears, you know. well not all of us can have a swinging pony.. like all ponnies don't have wings to go to the shopping centre 2 blocks away. but what if they had, wouldn't be world a better place? I think there is more people who believe in unicorns than people who believe in aliens or god? but i believe in all. I think unicorns are alien and aliens are god. they all exist. sometimes I realise it's just a pink bullshit, but I have to take it, I have to except my grade. I'm a coffee tester with incredibly common beliefs.

this time it didn't go so well.
it's a C minus. hell!