a little short tale

I had this tiny seed with me, since I was seven years old. not 7, but seven with letters. I used to feed her every morning and every afternoon. soon she became my best friend. we used to do everything together. we found a dog, we drank from the sink, we counted clouds and fought with the seven seas. my seed was growing faster than me. I was eleven, she went to collage. she moved away so fast that I could'nt even get her number. I heard about her when I was seventeen, she got married and had two blue children. She wrote a letter to me, the letter arrived when I was twenty, she wrote she was very happy. I saw a picture of her at the bottom of the paper, she was old but beautiful still. She was a very successful song writer, very wealthy and fit. I wrote back, I wrote that I missed her a lot. Then the letters stoped. This year I'm twentyfour, and last day I had a package from the local gardener's association. they sent me a tulip between a dark heavy book. the pages she was between were seven and seventy. the pages looked silent. the pages were all deep; magenta...


Expose Yourself


My design is chosen to be printed for the behance.net sticker contest. it's going to be one of the stickers that will be distributed in many locations throughout New York City. btw, If you see my naked friend anywhere around NYC, a sexy photo will be appreciated ;)

Thank you behance team.


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my eyes were puffy this morning,
so I kept them close.
took a big red london bus
and left the house.
dreamed a song to pass time,
but it stole my blouse.


clouds up

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I wish I could pack my everythings in a purse and leave the kingdom. maybe with a morning glory melody. or not. I wish you could walk around in my boots once in a while. see trough my eyes. taste my words under the clouds. I think I hate when things change into not better things. I hate when you walk away. I hate to think deep shallow. I wish there was a neverending world peace. always nice weather, no screens. maybe a sweet sugar candy fancy wild wonderfull life. I wish I never had to wish for more.

I think I think too much once in a while. maybe more than I could think. more than I could love. more than anybody could receive. maybe even a bit more.


baby co.


you are my sleep, I fell into you counting the sheep. some milk in the morning and some milk at night. If I bake you cookies, will you make me a kite? my sheets are always clean and tight. If you sing me a lullaby, I will make your day bright. monsters under my bed, some in the closet and some in my mind. please tell me a secret, promise I will not bite. If I fight with the sheets, quick! cover my ears. you are my sweep, you are the sweet, I'm coming tonight, riding a blue jeep.


sketch tips & facts

1) magic may be dangerous. 2) you must always be sure what you are doing. 3) about black cats: if you see one pass under a ladder to get it even, immediately. 4) ant eaters are a phenomenon in our culture so respect them all. 5) do not hesitate about picking candy off infants. 6) always wear smart things to a wedding. 7) ice creams melt faster than they freeze. 8) earings are the perfect accessory for branches. 9) do not wear a wig on top of your dreams. 10) some people grin to die for and some grin to kill you. 11) you must kiss hell of a frogs to catch cold. 12) seperation is literally missing and missing is totally sweet. 13) if you care for a smoke or a light drink please seek for a british pub first, then enter a night club. 14) always wear a tie with a school shirt. 15) blush is a cute word and a funny face. 16) be meant for each other.

17) click on the images to see more.


x ow x

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today everything is broken; all over the place, even much below sadness. all clouds look like albino cotton candy monsters. I have screaming dots on top of my shoulders, memory card errors and fiction free problems.

today it sometimes rains. nothing works properly and everything acts wrong. thin king has droped his thing inside my ink and it's sinking while I think.

today it's like living inside a war since was born. one fun game of nightmares and dreams. between pillows and sheets. troubles, sweets and favourite bruises. precious lyrics inside grey boxes.

today you are somewhere else, I'm lost and she is alone.
I think he doesn't have a clue about these.

please, please ow please!
magic words are made of x's.



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she had this smile on her face. blooming like a butterfly. skirts flying on the highway. sofistication followed by racoons from last saturday. it was about an escape from the rusty neighbourhood. leaving the crown back. leaving the crown room with respect. she had this big dress on her. made her look like a new zealand spotty. lips served flesh, kinky meaningless sentences around her neck. she used to be the one, now she was two lonely. double soul in a trunk. leftovers of a selfish drunk. one princess to be a pirate, with no rum but a bum.

jazz like a pearl,
take me home.



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comb your hair. take the train. go to work. kill the best times of your life on a workbench. slip in, slip out. broken lunch brakes, deadlines on your face. slip in, slip out. wheels with sparkles, empty treasure boxes. lovely telephone particules, online cookie monsters. better than a boss with huge green tentacles. take your time. computer your head. play the pain. come sweet home. plug your joy, stick to tv. sleep the rest of your life. slip in, slip out. break down.

let's vacate, vacate away
dive sunbath on hot bitches.



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my song with bubbles is only distinguishable underwater. If you want to catch a fat melody first you have to dive deeper than fifteen teeth.it's scary like a square watermelon with billions of talking seeds,I know. I know, I have so many words in my mouth that if I cough I will sound very sick or my blue blues are not even soaked to their skins. I know, some funny fish do enjoy sunshine and some may even enjoy flying with pink pigs. but I miss in two minutes and you miss with twenty meters.

this post pretends to be a fake fake love song,
with no shame on its omega, elegant and colour full hips.


tiny thoughts

canvas my mind and primer my soul. smash my tubes then wet my brushes. today I have tiny smiles inside my head, tomorrow world domination beybe!

*acrylic on canvas 10x10(cm)


weird science

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when I was a kid, I used to dream of becoming somekind of a genetic engineer. I think this was slighty before thinking about becoming a porn star or an illustrator. Actually after realising I have to act more sensible about my future plans, now I just want to be the king of the world. I feel like a king nowadays so you know what they say, feeling is "almost" everything.

"a brand new sketchbook,
will bring love to your habitat."


one love

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"For the sixth consecutive year the summer season kicks off with the Efes Pilsen One Love Festival. This year Underworld and Beastie Boys will pump up the volume on June 15th & June 17th in Istanbul."

"Random blonde bio high density,
Because I Feel Disgrace
Because You're All In My Face."



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this little naughty pussy crushed the night out to find a foxy lady. a whole woman who shall cook him extravazanga large dinners and fix some pandastic cocktails. she should have a talent on each finger and an extra on her curly tail. a woman to remind her to pay the bills and serve clean underwear, also some ironing would be pretty cool. so this little naughty kitty cat travelled down the city to the central park, to find a long four legged pussy cat. someone to crawl over and someone extremely huggable. someone handy and mandy.

along the way, he bumped into old friends. "hey pal! come over" they shouted. they had a big bottle of raki, some white smelly cheese and a huge bucket of fish with them. "well" he said. "why not" so all sat on the short grass under the stars and started to chill out. the weather was lovely until the buttom of the glass.

it was nearly morning he said goodbye to the old friends and took the way back to home. "hick hick" the buildings looked like clay and the road was running away under his feet. "hick hick hick" all of a sudden he saw this beautiful creature near the red brick wall, at the end of the street. one furry goddess to be on the cover of fhm. she was licking her long tail passionately. he came closer and said "hellow there foxy" she smiled. "would you like to check out my stamp collection, at my place?" she smiled again. "I haven't seen you around here, where you from?"

"I came here to visit my sister" she said. "show me the way. "hick hick hick hick" she had the loveliest eyes and high ears. "hick hick" she was like out of dreams. they arrived his hatch and entered in together. "bum bum bum bum" ah that was a wonderfull morning.

when the sun was over the hill, he was awake. but "oh noes" the foxy lady was gone, without even a notice. "well, whatever" he said. "lets buy a newspaper and spend the day home "alone again". but when he looked around for his wallet! it was gone! he looked around for his watch! it was gone! he looked around and the tv, playstation, even the microwave was gone! "damn" he said.

"that smelly old cheese really sucked hard."



Are you unsatisfied? You can't make up your mind.
When you can take me by the hands and I will close my eyes.

Are you working up to something?
But you give me almost nothing.
Keep me helpless up to something on my knees.

Would you ever be my,
would you be my f-cking boyfriend?

The Bird and The Bee



let me think


love is made of marshmallow

some like to do with a camp fire,
some like to swallow raw.