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I feel very much strange at bus stops. They are best in spring, on tuesdays. sundays are usually scary. saturdays are slow. mondays are late and wednesdays are cold. thursdays are crowded and fridays are ugly. bus stops are best in spring, always on tuesdays.

spring, ring, ing
wake up ema, woke up.

ultra cure

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it knows you. which brand you smoke and which machine you drive. what color is your mind, where you read your porn, what you drink while playing video games. eternally cooking for you. feeding the birds with your leftovers. cats under your table. stolen apple pies with no interesting odour. pure sunshine is not good for you and it knows you.

that you kiss the girl although she has a broken jaw. your stormy love songs, where you hide your socks or your punk photos. it knows what you like to have in the morning, in the night or during jogging. when you look after your contact lenses or your unknown babies. it knows what you wear in the bath and that you undress everything when you see a caterpillar. your bestfriend, the ultimate weapon you used last weekend to destroy your cuddling neighbour.

that you wish you went fishing with aliens. how you scratch your legs and watermellons get jealous. when you brush your teeth and koalas get drunk. why you miss your ex and bright eyes laugh inside you.

you make no sense to me,
i make no sense in this place,
it knows you better than me,
jump to the right and follow the leader.



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last fm is fun. I want to dream about you and gonna make you mine. this nurse stuff is all over me now. no place left to hide. suspicious. excited. what number is devils half kiss? what color is your depression hair? how much is your ankles? tell me more.

Winter is snow. snow is on my door. I want to spend some more time for more and more. wouldn't it be great to ride a horse and live in a four hundred thousand pounds village near any british city. if you do, please run away faster than you can.

I wish the blue washed out and pink rotated in an extraordinary angle. I hope sun comes back when everybody makes his and her own icecream. I want you to melt without your carrot.

today is not my birthday.
sleeping is stupid.