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she had this smile on her face. blooming like a butterfly. skirts flying on the highway. sofistication followed by racoons from last saturday. it was about an escape from the rusty neighbourhood. leaving the crown back. leaving the crown room with respect. she had this big dress on her. made her look like a new zealand spotty. lips served flesh, kinky meaningless sentences around her neck. she used to be the one, now she was two lonely. double soul in a trunk. leftovers of a selfish drunk. one princess to be a pirate, with no rum but a bum.

jazz like a pearl,
take me home.



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comb your hair. take the train. go to work. kill the best times of your life on a workbench. slip in, slip out. broken lunch brakes, deadlines on your face. slip in, slip out. wheels with sparkles, empty treasure boxes. lovely telephone particules, online cookie monsters. better than a boss with huge green tentacles. take your time. computer your head. play the pain. come sweet home. plug your joy, stick to tv. sleep the rest of your life. slip in, slip out. break down.

let's vacate, vacate away
dive sunbath on hot bitches.