Expose Yourself


My design is chosen to be printed for the behance.net sticker contest. it's going to be one of the stickers that will be distributed in many locations throughout New York City. btw, If you see my naked friend anywhere around NYC, a sexy photo will be appreciated ;)

Thank you behance team.


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my eyes were puffy this morning,
so I kept them close.
took a big red london bus
and left the house.
dreamed a song to pass time,
but it stole my blouse.


clouds up

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I wish I could pack my everythings in a purse and leave the kingdom. maybe with a morning glory melody. or not. I wish you could walk around in my boots once in a while. see trough my eyes. taste my words under the clouds. I think I hate when things change into not better things. I hate when you walk away. I hate to think deep shallow. I wish there was a neverending world peace. always nice weather, no screens. maybe a sweet sugar candy fancy wild wonderfull life. I wish I never had to wish for more.

I think I think too much once in a while. maybe more than I could think. more than I could love. more than anybody could receive. maybe even a bit more.