princess superstar

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living indigo performance. long time no indigo go go. last weekend, while my nose was bugging me still. groovy outfit, sexy show, another dude experience. the video art was scary time to time but enjoyed the colors. hip and hop paralyzed with electricity. excellent weight parallel to height and volume. flash gordon kicks. cool glasses. amazing intro. another random blonde with magic lyrics. her name is superstar.

long live princess,


Johnny said...

i like your art

Francis said...

I'm a fan of Princess Superstar. I'm sure she'd appreciate your portrait.

Keep up the good work.

Bubbly Theater said...

Honestly - these are the best Illustrations I've seen in a long time. Very unique but state of the art style. Very touchy, graphic but not too cold. Luv them all!! Please update me if you're creating something new :-) Cheers