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I feel very much strange at bus stops. They are best in spring, on tuesdays. sundays are usually scary. saturdays are slow. mondays are late and wednesdays are cold. thursdays are crowded and fridays are ugly. bus stops are best in spring, always on tuesdays.

spring, ring, ing
wake up ema, woke up.


N.R. said...

Hello! This is Easy Jack from threadless. I thoroughly enjoy your art work and was wondering if you'd be okay with me linking your blog on mine?

If you're okay with it then please leave me a comment and I'll link you.

Keep up the great work and take care.

N.R. said...

Added your link today. Thanks!

m.garry said...

i really like your style...keep in this way...a word about me i'm poruguese my blog if u want to see it is....http://mgarry.canalblog.com/..it´s a french blog, i'm also french but u can let comments if u want...kisses bye...

kallt said...

your illustrations are very catchy and sincere. keep up with good waork. sevgiler :)