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this little naughty pussy crushed the night out to find a foxy lady. a whole woman who shall cook him extravazanga large dinners and fix some pandastic cocktails. she should have a talent on each finger and an extra on her curly tail. a woman to remind her to pay the bills and serve clean underwear, also some ironing would be pretty cool. so this little naughty kitty cat travelled down the city to the central park, to find a long four legged pussy cat. someone to crawl over and someone extremely huggable. someone handy and mandy.

along the way, he bumped into old friends. "hey pal! come over" they shouted. they had a big bottle of raki, some white smelly cheese and a huge bucket of fish with them. "well" he said. "why not" so all sat on the short grass under the stars and started to chill out. the weather was lovely until the buttom of the glass.

it was nearly morning he said goodbye to the old friends and took the way back to home. "hick hick" the buildings looked like clay and the road was running away under his feet. "hick hick hick" all of a sudden he saw this beautiful creature near the red brick wall, at the end of the street. one furry goddess to be on the cover of fhm. she was licking her long tail passionately. he came closer and said "hellow there foxy" she smiled. "would you like to check out my stamp collection, at my place?" she smiled again. "I haven't seen you around here, where you from?"

"I came here to visit my sister" she said. "show me the way. "hick hick hick hick" she had the loveliest eyes and high ears. "hick hick" she was like out of dreams. they arrived his hatch and entered in together. "bum bum bum bum" ah that was a wonderfull morning.

when the sun was over the hill, he was awake. but "oh noes" the foxy lady was gone, without even a notice. "well, whatever" he said. "lets buy a newspaper and spend the day home "alone again". but when he looked around for his wallet! it was gone! he looked around for his watch! it was gone! he looked around and the tv, playstation, even the microwave was gone! "damn" he said.

"that smelly old cheese really sucked hard."


emrecandan said...

ilk defa girdim buraya tesadüfen, yazdıklarını da okumadım sadece çizgilerini çok beğendim, bu yüzden yazıyorum. takip etçem sanırım.

Mac said...

That is awesome. Exponentially better than the Disney's Cheshire Cat.