sketch tips & facts

1) magic may be dangerous. 2) you must always be sure what you are doing. 3) about black cats: if you see one pass under a ladder to get it even, immediately. 4) ant eaters are a phenomenon in our culture so respect them all. 5) do not hesitate about picking candy off infants. 6) always wear smart things to a wedding. 7) ice creams melt faster than they freeze. 8) earings are the perfect accessory for branches. 9) do not wear a wig on top of your dreams. 10) some people grin to die for and some grin to kill you. 11) you must kiss hell of a frogs to catch cold. 12) seperation is literally missing and missing is totally sweet. 13) if you care for a smoke or a light drink please seek for a british pub first, then enter a night club. 14) always wear a tie with a school shirt. 15) blush is a cute word and a funny face. 16) be meant for each other.

17) click on the images to see more.

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Anonymous said...

this stuff is really awesome! Id love to do a collaboration with you