a little short tale

I had this tiny seed with me, since I was seven years old. not 7, but seven with letters. I used to feed her every morning and every afternoon. soon she became my best friend. we used to do everything together. we found a dog, we drank from the sink, we counted clouds and fought with the seven seas. my seed was growing faster than me. I was eleven, she went to collage. she moved away so fast that I could'nt even get her number. I heard about her when I was seventeen, she got married and had two blue children. She wrote a letter to me, the letter arrived when I was twenty, she wrote she was very happy. I saw a picture of her at the bottom of the paper, she was old but beautiful still. She was a very successful song writer, very wealthy and fit. I wrote back, I wrote that I missed her a lot. Then the letters stoped. This year I'm twentyfour, and last day I had a package from the local gardener's association. they sent me a tulip between a dark heavy book. the pages she was between were seven and seventy. the pages looked silent. the pages were all deep; magenta...


isbn said...

çok çok sevdim çizimlerini... anında rss listemde "sevdiklerim" taginde yerini aldı blogun.. izleyeceğim.. sevgilerr

Diana Koehne said...

found your blog via SFG and think your work is awesome. I'm glad I found this beautiful place. I'm adding you to my blogroll!

keep up your fantastic work!
Diana :-)