navy blau


I found this navy blue pencil hiding inside my big fat blackholed pencil case. It says made in Germany on it. I just felt like it felt neglected, somehow. -I don't like colored pencils very much. I donno why, maybe something about my elementary school memories (oh those red pencils, always breaks inside, damn you!) or I just find them spoilt or too clean and easy. But I love them anyway if they are in their box, side by side like a rainbow, untouched, smelling virgin in every way.- Anyway, this blue one seemed very cute to me although It was probably half sized and had a nasty tip. I sharpened It gently, slowly and respectfully. I gave him another chance. I think everybody needs another chance but the politicians. they are my red pencils.

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Mac McRae said...

that is such a great image. colored pencils never did it for me either. there is something waxy and unnatural about the odd way their colors mix on the paper. after fooling with digital color - painting something with a stick of wax feels barbaric.