there is a bug in my soup


with her possessed eyes she looked at me and shouted! "waiter!". now "what?" I thought.

I have been working in this mess since I knew myself and here everyday is the same day. It's like living inside a stuck elevator and the elevator is an actual time machine. you know the feeling "geeez". ran between the white table clothings and extremely old fashioned ties and shoe laces and reached her destiny. "yes maam, how may I help you?" she got up, suddenly I was inside her huge blubby eyes and she said again "waiter!". and I said "yes mrs.leggo, what is it?" wooo; she kissed me. she definitely used the tongue. oh! that tongue. you would never want to know. I stood there and dropped couple of tears. in between the huge salty lips I mumbled "I guess you enjoyed your fly soup mrs.leggo?" after sucking up my soul completely, she replied. "this is better than the best, thank you chuck!"

I returned to my point. and that was a random day at the meal o frogg's. where there is always a bug on your face.


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