ms. pui


she likes fruity pebbles for breakfast and a cup of naked milk. breath inside a good feeling, hiccups! dive into the river. I never dived into a river. All comes, what my eye seas. extend a corner, unsharp, all your pleases. she likes fruity loops for our song, lunch and dinner. waves hitting the door twice, bring her a hollow spoon. zoom in for more sensibility.

tickle the images around you.
once in a while, they burst into laughter.


gaby said...

vc é muito artista (no que cerno o mais profundo da palavra).
estou encantada!

gaby said...

meu e-mail:

TrüSka said...

Uaauuuuu! I just found your blog! Loved iT! I'll be watching you girl! Kisses from Portugal : *

Sarita Kolhatkar said...

Very cool!
I love your style!

Mayumi Elisa said...

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