nurse me

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spend more time with vitamins. wear more to go out. respect leather boots. be aware of october fests. I need cardigans, cardigans with huge buttons, cardigans which will match my muppet t-shirts and cardigans to forget on the bus. where do they go anyway?

I like cold, rain and snow but believe me if I could, I would punch the north wind on the face! when I grow so much up and become a mad mad scientist, I promise on my recent cardigans that I'm going to build a giant wind shield around this north hemisphere country.

in conclusion;
hat holding is depressing.


Seamoursheep.com said...

Wow Ema, I really like your style! A very original and distinctive blend between cute and a little bit dark.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards from the Netherlands,


MehmetSaygin said...

An illustrated blog has the risk of fast reading, I hope people also read these texts, they are so surprising and interesting to me.
Btw, I like this illustration most on this page.