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sweet 'o soft. dirty dirty candy. harsh harsh daydreaming. this is a childsong. tiny pinky moe. 90's youth. spending hours, hours and too much hours in front of the thing. too lazy to cook a decent meal but, ready to burn the house.

she stoped by and he tasted some sweet. she closed her eyes so he played incredible video games. she screamed so loud but his ears were full of marshmellow. she feels bad now, she is depressed or even sick. she doesn't care about the pink visitor. she just likes to feed the dinosaur. everybody thinks she is a liar liar but she will never invite her dinosaur indoors...

lyrics about:
"open the door, get on the floor;
everybody wants a dinosaur. "


Anonymous said...

Love your work, do you license your pics out I would love to use one for a knitting book Im doing

bluretina said...

why don't you e-mail me so I could brief you about this =]