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It's amazing to sleep sometimes. I'm thinking of puting my cotton wings in couple of minutes, after my coffee exam. I think coffee exams are what make my mornings worth to live. a little dust and a little snow, add some kinda water and guess the taste. I'm definitely, everytime new taste type. if something like that exist! sometimes I realise it's so sweet but i have to have it, I have to except my grade. world is tough, I know. one short smoke could help now.

when I was a little fella, I had a swinging donkey. with all the fur and ears, you know. well not all of us can have a swinging pony.. like all ponnies don't have wings to go to the shopping centre 2 blocks away. but what if they had, wouldn't be world a better place? I think there is more people who believe in unicorns than people who believe in aliens or god? but i believe in all. I think unicorns are alien and aliens are god. they all exist. sometimes I realise it's just a pink bullshit, but I have to take it, I have to except my grade. I'm a coffee tester with incredibly common beliefs.

this time it didn't go so well.
it's a C minus. hell!

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