the breakfast club

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great movie, with great stars. the children are not their parents. there is nothing such as a bad child. there are nerds anyway. prome queens still into harsh boys, who are pink inside. chicks won't hold the smoke inside. what was your best breakfast, think about it. mine is egg flavour bread.

teacher leave the kids alone, god damn it! brush your teeth. all bustards believe in one guy one girl thing. they are in. they are punished. they will do what they have to do. to be or not to be. to do or not to do. do be do be do. i still miss high school. you don't realise how great it's to be a teen when you are still a teen. bad hair days and football games. to suck in sports or in maths. einstein's grades were not that bright either. what will you be in the future? will you be in the future? going to be fat or going to be a bone head? where did the black boards go anyway. i hate white marker boards. they cause cancer.

trapped in school. it sounds scary but chemistry lab without teacher could be fun. i miss my desk. i miss my broken locker door. i miss my classmates. but i will survive. through this cruel world with duties.

i will survive like in the song.
actually that song is really gay.
man, P.E. was totally gay.

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thank you :) your graphics sure are interesting..