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it's getting harder to fall asleep. apple, the icon of intelegence, the bite of the first sinner and a cool mac logo. you wear contact lenses, feel depressed often and blog all day long?? here, have a cigar! be my guest.

we call the species; women. even i am not sure about the material and after couple of years, i realized my index page is totally torn! I will not complain about being one actually, this post is not something like " woman from venus". i just want to describe my pain tonight, with all it's sharp edges.

it's from left to right and up to bottom. inside probably but felt from outside. soft and hard. liquid and solid. sometimes gas too. symptoms: greasy hair, bubble body, weak muscles, disabled tounge, lack of sleep. good thing about it: you scare everyone. bad thing is: you scare yourself, too.

no, not luv sick.
just on duty.
blue, blue, bluest lips.

thank you.

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Kevin said...


just a random visitor. I really like your art work, very stilish!

bookmarked! :D