panda trick

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focus the climate change. that shall give you the power to deal with bad bad thoughts. so you won't drive yourself mad. perfection is epidemic. but not like cold. if it catches you, it takes the form of your hips. I'm sure that few more weight is good to act warm at winter time. but don't forget that, fighting with stress is like riding a beach ball. a little more weight is pretty high risk. lack of sun, this time of the year; may be dangerous.

oh god!
somebody stop me please.
no more eating late.


isay said...

lovely illustration. i like the colors and your style.

starbug said...

hatta okdr sevdim ki kaydettim pc.ime wallpapaer yaptım ponycorn.u ztn ve hepsi birbirinden güsel tebrikler walla =)

zanna said...

hiya darling
pretty site and I love the illustrations!

<3 zanna (from DA)

redish said...

wow! waiting 4 more...

MehmetSaygin said...

Somehow, it reminds me the "spirited away", fantastic!